Alerang is a leading CAD outsourcing and lighting services company in Bulgaria for having services more than one and half decade. It has the privilege of completing and delivering of hundreds of projects across the country, European union and the UK. Company’s CAD department has the ability to provide 2D drafting of electrical and different engineering layouts, design and estimation of Modular wiring system. In terms of 3D CAD services, our CAD team uses REVIT(BIM), which offers initial drafting of architectural plans, electrical distribution (lighting, power and electrical boxes) and drafting of building structures. 


preparation 2D layouts through AutoCAD and 3D services with Revit (BIM)


designed and estimated projects for more than 15 years in Bulgaria, Europe, The United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.



leading lighting services company in Bulgaria in partnership with two big light fitting production companies in Europe which delivers smart lighting.

Besides having business partners, Alerang has the honor of having connections with academic institutions as well for having collaborative projects. 

Capacity of handling work load and ability to increase its sources according to the need of its partners due to amount of workload and projects increase is what makes Alerang to be successful for more than 1.5 decade as a leading company in the country which is due to having great management and quick training method for fresh draftsmen. 


The company provides a full set of drawings for electrical design of Modular system including electrical layouts and security system design which contains camera surveillance and alarm system. Beside the above mentioned services Alerang has services in fire alarm system layouts, water supply systems layout (Piping), schematics and Air conditioning system layout drafting.
The first procedure is design, second is extracting the system and the last stage is production.

Last but not the least Alerang has the capacity and capability of increasing its sources according to the need of its partner when the amount of work and projects are increased as the company has a quick method of training for fresh draftsmen.